Merry Christmas blog buddies!

I hope the week ahead is full of cruelty-free Christmas fun for y’all.
I have been busy putting together home-made, compassionate Chrissie gifts for friends and family — and preparing for a vegan feast this weekend. Once the Christmas chaos fades to leftover mock turkey sandwiches in front of my parent’s tele, I’ll be sure to blog about my silly season. But for now, here’s a quick little vegan product review.

I’ve taken a wee break from present wrapping to wrap my laughing gear around a spoonful (or seven) of CocoLuscious Ice Cream’s special limited edition ‘Christmas’ flavour.

This does, indeed, taste like Christmas. And Christmas is delicious folks.

Brandy-infused dried cherries and dried canberries, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes are mixed through CocoLuscious’s creamy, organic, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and palm oil free ice cream.

Check out the chunkiness! No, really, check it out. Grab a tub while you can. Yum!

Where it at? I got my tub at Organic Wholefoods on Smith Street, Collingwood
What’s the damage? $15 for half a litre

What’s your favourite vegan ice cream?