As I mentioned in my last post, I recently turned the big three-oh. And to celebrate I threw a 1950s inspired birthday bash. It was a brilliant night. It’s pure magic to have a room full of all your favourite people, dancing and drinking and feasting together. And what made it even better for me was that it was an all-vegan event. I had it upstairs at Gertrude’s Brown Couch in Fitzroy. And the crew there were fantastic about helping me to make it a cruelty-free celebration. They got the chef to come up with an all-vegan menu and they even stocked the bar upstairs with vegan-friendly beers and spirits. Despite them being a typically omnivore bar, they were really accommodating and I recommend getting in touch with them if you’re vegan and looking for a place to throw a shindig. Here’s their site.

Unfortunately, there are no great food-related photos from the event. Because I did what any self-respecting girl who had just worked her butt off keeping to a strict 21-day detox would do — I promptly got drunk. Ahem. And then forgot all about documenting the vegan elements of the party.

But I can tell you it looked delectable and tasted even better.

There’s something a little strange about using the term ‘finger food’ for a vegan event — but here is the finger food menu:

  • Panko fried mushrooms with a bush tomato relish
  • Felafel with a smoked eggplant dip
  • Gourmet vegetable skewers
  • Tempura vegetables with an ‘asian dipping sauce’
  • Potato and beetroot croquettes
  • Seasoned potato wedges with a sweet chili dipping sauce

To add to this spread my beautiful friend Jes made delicious tomato and eggplant, beetroot and hommus dips. And  the darling Jones sisters who really know how to cook delicious vegan fare (Hannah Jones is the brains behind Let Food Be Thy Medicine, a vegan blog and online store. Have you seen it yet? What!? Are you crazy? Quick, go there now and I promise I won’t tell anyone you were so out of touch. Click here for the store. And here for the blog) brought a plate of amazing dolmades.

And then she cried, “let them eat cake!” And the food fun escalated to a whole new sugar coma-inducing level. Because, for goodness cake, there’s no point messing around when you’re dealing with the business end of a vegan event. I’m talking about dessert. That’s why I went straight for the cream (cheese) of the crop in vegan cakery (I know that’s not a real world) — Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes. Melbourne-based Mister Nice Guy cupcakes are all vegan, all delicious and available in vegan friendly cafes, bars and cinemas (Westgarth) around town. Or you can go in and see them at their pop-up bakery at Prahran market. Here’s their website. To me, they are the best in cruelty-free cupcakes. And their vegan cream cheese frostings are to die for. They showered sugary goodness on my 30th with their:

  • Rockin’ Roller — strawberry frosting on a chocolate cake, topped with chocolate ganache and a choc chip
  • Peanut Butter Cup — peanut butter frosting on a chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache
  • Beetlejuice — cookies ‘n’ cream frosting with smunched (their word) up cookies in a vanilla cake topped with chocolate ganache
  • Key West — key lime frosting on a coconut cupcake topped with toasted coconut

Thankfully, there were a couple of left-over cupcakes, delivering a smile to my post-party-blues-blushed face and the only image for this post. Here’s a Rockin’ Roller in its final moments of existence.

It was a vegan affair to remember. I’m still riding high on all the love poured on me that weekend *happy little sigh*