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Some of the best things in life come in a bowl: delicious, warming soup; hot and spicy noodles; creamy curries and lovely, velvety soy lattes (ok, soy lattes don’t come in bowls, but I believe with all my heart they should).

Today I had lunch with some sassy vegan bloggers — Hannah from Let Food Be Thy Medicineher skilled vegan-baking sister, Sarah and Vegie Head‘s Adele — and experienced a Munsterhaus bowl for the first time. My taste buds are still thanking me for the rainbow of fresh, healthy and delicious vegetable dishes and salads that were (for a very short time) piled high in my bowl.

Fitzroy’s Munsterhaus is an all-vegetarian, vegan-friendly, Deco-inspired café on St Georges Road.  The concept is simple: you choose a bowl size, whichever combination of vegie delights you’d like crammed in that bowl (and they ain’t skimpy), and whichever delicious dip you’d like to crown the whole lot with.

A small bowl is definitely enough for a meal, a medium bowl is for the hungry and the large bowls are for lumberjacks and girls that are going through a breakup.

I said, “I’ll have some of everything that’s vegan please.” Except it sounded more like, “I’ll have some of everything thas veg pleh,” because I had already started drooling down my top.

I won’t try to break down the different elements of my lunch (there were about ten) but I will tell you magic happened in that bowl of mine. Standouts were the quinoa salad, the tangy glass noodles and the creamy tofu dip. For a big ol’ bowl of seasonal and flavoursome food you can’t beat Munsterhaus — with good value and friendly service to boot.

Vegan options: Plenty! I think all but four of the buffet-style dishes were vegan
$10 for a small bowl, $14 for a medium and $18 for a large
Ear candy: 
The conversation was so stimulating I didn’t notice the tunes this time.

What’s your favourite way to fill a bowl?

Super smoothies are my favourite way to start the day.
OK, that’s a lie.
Super smoothies would be my favourite way to start the day if I was the healthy version of myself that I aspire to be. Café brunches with pieces of sourdough the size of my head and soy lattes that come in a bucket are my favourite way to start the day. But it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that super smoothies are my second favourite way to start the day. Oh dear, I’ve lost you haven’t I?

There are so many amazing super foods available now — and a creamy morning smoothie is a delicious way to pour a load of them straight into your belly. My smoothies are mammoth. They usually have three cups of liquid where most smoothies have two but I don’t like them too thick and at this size they easily keep me full until lunch.

They are also dairy free, gluten free and detox friendly.

I try to add a serving of green superfood powder to every smoothie. My favourites are Vital Greens, Synergy Natural Wheat Grass, and Amazing Grass Green Superfood’s cacao infusion. A serving of these powders is usually only one or two teaspoons and the flavour is easily hidden amongst the rest of the smoothie ingredients. It’s the best way to give your breakie an extra shot of vitamins and minerals. I also always add my favourite vegan protein powder. It’s great to start your day off with a protein hit and it helps with muscular recovery after a morning workout. My favourite is Vital Protein’s pea protein isolate in vanilla. There are other great protein powders out there derived from hemp or rice but try a small portion before you buy a 1-kilo tub because some of them can have quite a chalky texture.

Other ingredients that make regular cameos in my morning smoothies.

Chia seeds — they are high in antioxidants, packed full of protein, dietary fibre and Omega 3. They contain five times more calcium than milk, seven times more vitamin C than oranges, three times more iron than spinach and twice the potassium content of a banana.
Psyllium husk — contains a spongy fibre that reduces appetite, helps with digestion and cleanses the system.
LSA — high in essential vitamins and minerals and helps to cleanse and detox the liver.
Maca — increases energy, endurance and stamina. It has a beneficial action on the circulatory system plus a million other benefits. I love this Peruvian root. Click here to read more about its health benefits.
Cacao — rich in antioxidants, a great source of magnesium and as I said in last week’s post, this stuff makes you happy folks!
Mesquite — an excellent source of fibre it also helps to balance blood sugar levels.

Here’s what I slurped on this morning

Nutty protein punch smoothie

1 cup water
2 cups almond milk
3 tbsp golden pea protein
1 tbsp pure organic peanut butter, no added salt or sugar
1 tbsp maca
1 tsp Synergy Wheat Grass powder
1 banana
4 dates

Some of my favourite concoctions

Macanana smoothie

3 cups water
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp psyllium husk
1 tbsp LSA
3 tbsp golden pea protein
1 tbsp maca
2 lady finger bananas
1 tsp of vita-green defence
1 tbsp hemp oil

Blueberry mesquite smoothie

1 cup almond milk
2 cups water
3 tbsp golden pea protein
1 tbsp chia
1 tbsp LSA
1 tbsp maca
1 tbsp mesquite
1 tsp Synergy Wheat Grass
1 ½ cups blueberries

Cacao power smoothie

3 cups water
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp psyllium husk
1 tbsp LSA
3 tbsp golden pea protein
1 scoop Cacao Superfood powder
1 banana
1 tbsp maca
1 tbsp flax seed oil

Vitally green smoothie

3 cups water
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp psyllium husk
1 tbsp LSA
3 tbsp golden pea protein
2 tsp Vital Greens
1 tbsp cacao
1 tbsp maca
1 banana
2 dates

What’s your favourite super smoothie? 

I’ve been meaning to try kombucha for a long time. Kombucha is a fermented tea. The production involves making a sweet tea, adding a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), and letting the SCOBY consume the sugar to produce a drink full of B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and probiotics. Basically, if you want to become besties with your gut, drink this stuff.

I’ve heard about its abundant health benefits and have looked at a couple of online recipes but brewing my own seemed like too much trouble. Yesterday I found some bottled kombucha in my local health food store and grabbed a few bottles to take home and try.


The verdict?*
Mojo Kombucha is made by South Australian company Organic & Raw. I like it because it’s organic, raw and vegan — and it tastes great! Yesterday I tried the Organic Original flavour. It reminded me a little of beer, it tasted a little like apple cider vinegar and it was wonderfully bubbly and crisp tasting. The addition of ginger in the Ginger Tonic flavour was even better! They also have a Lemon Citrus flavour I’m yet to try.

This health elixir has been around for thousands of years and the list of benefits to your body, especially your digestion, is pretty long. Websites that sell kombucha cultures and kits report its ability to: alkalize the body, detoxify the liver, increase metabolism, improve digestion, rebuild connective tissue, reduce headaches, alleviate constipation, boost energy, and more.

If you’ve been wondering about kombucha but, like me, have been too lazy to try making your own — try Mojo. I have to say I feel pretty good knowing there are literally millions of living bacteria having a ball in my belly as I type this. Go to town little guys.

Where it at? I found these bottles at Organic Wholefoods on Smith Street in Fitzroy.
What’s the damage? I can’t find the receipt, sorry. But I think they were around $3.50 a bottle.

*any vegan product reviews found on this blog are my own opinion and have not been paid for or encouraged by the company. I simply get excited when I find awesome vegan products and want to share them with you lot.