This morning I just sat my bum down in some stranger’s kitchen, cheekily demanded he whip me up something vegan and gluten-free and, “throw in a coffee while you’re at it pal.” And he did, without calling the police or anything. Instead, he played The Human League on vinyl.

Well, that’s what it felt like. New Day Rising is a tiny, laid-back café on Blythe Street in East Brunswick. The joint is sans counter so it really feels like you’re just chilling in co-owner Tom’s kitchen. He put together a delicious breakfast for me. It helped that I didn’t actually call him pal.

My belly welcomed New Day Rising’s CLT. Yep, you guessed it, Coconut, Lettuce and Tomato. You didn’t guess it, did you? Fibber. This café’s vegan take on the classic BLT is very tasty indeed. The coconut shavings are sweet and smokey and saucy enough to dribble on your plate. The CLT normally comes on a bagel which would taste even better. Since my Joshi detox my stomach and I have fallen out with each other. Since my belly refuses to tell me exactly what I’ve done to upset it I’m experimenting by taking a few weeks off gluten to see if there’s any improvement. Tom was thoughtful enough to tell me that sometimes the café can’t get vegan gluten-free bread and so advised I check with him if I order gluten-free in the future.

Vegan options: Their vegetarian menu is very vegan friendly. In addition to the CLT, they have other bagels and toasts that can be veganised. They have vegan cream cheese and all of their sweet treats (breakfast muffins e.t.c.) are vegan.
Coffee: Five Senses
Soy: Bonsoy
Moola: Pretty good deal at $14.80 for breaky and a coffee
Ear candy: There’s a rockin’ little bundle of vinyl snuggled up to the record player and while I was there I heard The Kinks and The Human League

I dig this little place. It seems good things really do come in small packages.

Do you know any great places to grab a vegan breakfast/brunch in Brunswick?