I didn’t much fancy writing two café reviews back-to-back but my internet access is minimal at the moment so I should take any chance I get to drop in on the blogosphere. Also, it’s a bit of a novelty for me to be eating out again anyway.

You see, I’ve spent most of this year living out the struggling artist cliché. You know, surviving solely on things you can find at the supermarket under $1, dancing dangerously close to a clash with the ol’ scurvy. Thank god things like cask wine and two-litre bottles of cider aren’t vegan or, I’m ashamed to admit, they may have found a home in my shaky hands. A sin that is only acceptable if you’re a uni student or homeless.

But I have a few more pennies in me pocket these days. So here’s another breaky review for ye. And I promise a couple of recipes are on their way soon.

Today I hit up the always bustling Babka Bakery Café on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Even on a school day, Captain Someone and I were lucky enough to grab the last tiny table in the somewhat cramped little café. On a weekend I have noticed the queue for this place spill out onto the street.

There is only one breakfast option for vegans at Babka. You can order their beans on toast without the fetta. And that I did. This plate of beans was not messin’ around. They were kidney beans in a lovely rich, spice-filled sauce. They came with Babka’s delicious, thick house-baked bread and I asked for a serve of grilled tomato in place of the fetta. I was surprised they suggested I pay for that as an extra side at first, but a wee bit of lash batting and a smile got them to see that popping it on the plate in place of the goat’s puss, ahem, I mean goat’s fetta, was only fair.


Vegan options: Only one option, their house beans on toast without the fetta. Make sure you ask them to replace the fetta with avo or tomato but make it clear you don’t want to pay extra for them as a side.
Coffee: Romeo
Soy: Vitasoy
Moola: Not so bad at $17.20 for breakfast and coffee
Ear candy: A little bit of swing. And I dug it, see?

Do you know any great places to grab a vegan breakfast/brunch in Fitzroy?