I have injured my right hand. This renders me useless as I am about as ambidextrous as a one-armed bandit.  So I have been staying with my partner, we’ll call him Captain Someone*, who is acting as my right-hand man in a very literal sense indeed.

I ventured into the streets of Brunswick yesterday to find some vegan-friendly breaky delights to soothe the morning rumble.

My first stop was Jellystone, at the Sydney Road end of Albion Street. I was surprised to find there are no vegan options at this cozy little café. The waiter inquired with the kitchen and then reported there was nothing they could do for me, not even toast, as their bread has dairy in it. Obviously, I don’t recommend this café for a meal, but if it is just a bean fix you are after, the coffee was delicious.

Vegan options: Zero
Soy: Bonsoy
Ear candy: I didn’t recognise their tunage and wasn’t Shazaming distance from their speakers but I liked what I heard.

With an empty belly, I hit the pavement again. Just down the road, also on Albion, sits another charming café, A Minor Place. I was relieved to find they are much more accommodating. Vegan’s can fill their tums with the café’s famous Henry’s Beans or, if you’re not a legume lover, you have a few build-your-own-breaky options too.

I went for the beans: cannelinis in a creamy white garlic and rosemary sauce, topped with rocket, dukkah and a lemon wedge. They were delicious, especially with a liberal squeeze of lemon. Vegans just need to let the kitchen know to dress the bread with oil instead of butter.


The service was quick and friendly and I was amused to find that none of the team seemed to know the story behind Henry’s Beans. While I liked the idea of a mysterious Henry of the Bean, the word from the kitchen was just as charming. The recipe was concocted for Henry, a little boy, friend of the owner and bean fiend and he liked it so much, they put it on the menu. I have to agree with Henry.

Vegan options: Henry’s beans, build-your-own-breaky
 Great coffee! Their own Bathysphere blend. They roast their beans at their lil’ sister venue, Wide Open Road on Barkley Street.
Soy: Bonsoy
Moola: A good price at $16 for breakfast and coffee
Ear candy: Jose Gonzalez and similar tinkled through the café. Perfect start-your-day sounds.

Do you know any great places to grab a vegan breakfast/brunch in Brunswick?

*typing ‘we’ll call him Captain Someone’ implies that I just came up with that now but that’s not what happened. He asked me what I would call him in my blog posts. I asked him what he would like to be called. He replied Captain… and as he trailed off into thought I suggested I just use his initial. His face didn’t exactly light up at this suggestion.
“Well you can be Captain someone if you want,” I said.
“Yes,” he replied.
“OK, so Captain who then?”
“Captain Someone.”
“You want to be called Captain Someone? “
“Um, OK, you can be Captain Someone,” I said
…to a 36 year-old man.