Hi there. Yes, you. Thanks for stopping by.
I love that ensemble you’re sporting.
Ok, ok I don’t know what you’re wearing.
*adjusts voice depth* …tell me what you’re wearing…

That’s enough of that. Sheesh, looks like you lot will be keeping me on my toes.

Well, I guess this is my blog birthing. My first, tentative (and maybe a little wobbly, I have had a couple of glasses of vino) steps into the blogosphere. I hope we can share this space together. Maybe, just maybe, I can tickle your brain tentacles. And you can keep our lovely wee blog room warm with a little tap-tappin’ on your ol’ keyboard there. Yes, I think that will work out quite nicely.

I guess I should tell you what kind of room this is. You know, just in case you’ve misplaced your mind’s-eye spectacles or something. This is the kind of room that has an Edgar’s Mission calendar on the wall. It has lovely big comfy cushions and blankets you can tuck your toes into — and they are all made out of cotton and soy wool and, ok, I’ll say it, hemp (but I promise they don’t smell of patchouli, unless, of course, you want them to). This room does NOT have a ‘please take your omnivores off at the door/please leave your omnivores by the mat’ sign. Everyone is welcome here. Especially the veg-curious.

But this blog will be about — to borrow a line from Vegan Freak’s authors — me living as a vegan in a non-vegan world. You see, on 1 August 2011 I became a vegan. And despite being a vegetarian from the age of 16, everything changed when I took that next step. In my role as newbie vegan I have experienced life in a very different way. I don’t want to get all Kermit on you — but sometimes, it ain’t easy being vegan.

I learn new things every day. And looking at the world through vegan-coloured glasses (I promise that’s the last vegan adapted cliche… for this post) has the ability to break your heart and bolster your spirits all within a matter of hours. I hope to use this space to discuss the challenges I have come across in my first year of veganism. And just for good measure, I’ll chuck in some restaurant reviews and new discoveries too. Stick around.

And I hope to give a brand new car to all those still following me by my veganniversary in August this year*

*brand new** car may or may not be amateur origami

**the term ‘brand new’ may not refer to the actual paper used